Collect files from a legal hold

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This tutorial explains how to collect files from users on a legal hold (known as custodians). A separate article covers the creation and configuration of legal holds, as well as how to place custodians on a legal hold.


  • The target device must have the CrashPlan app installed to receive the collected files.
  • To collect files, a custodian must be on a legal hold.
  • A custodian's files are not available immediately. Allow time to back up the custodian's devices and data before collecting files. The time required depends on the size of the selection.
  • The following user roles have permission to collect files from a legal hold:
    • Org Legal Admin (this role can only restore files for users within the administrator's organization and its child organizations)
    • Cross Org Legal Admin
  • A custodian's files cannot be collected if the user meets one or both of the following conditions:


CrashPlan collects files by restoring files from a custodian's backup to the device you chose.

  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan console.
  2. Select Legal Hold > Matters.
  3. Click the name of the matter you want to collect files from.
  4. Click Custodians.
  5. Click Get Files.
    If you have the Org Legal Admin role, Get Files is not available if the custodian is outside your organization and its children organizations. Users with the Cross Org Legal Admin role can get files for custodians in other organizations.
  6. If the user has more than one active device, choose a device.
  7. Choose the following parameters in the Web Restore dialog:
    • Destination from which to restore files (if needed)
    • The backup set from which to restore files, if the device has more than one backup set using that destination
      The From Backup Set list is available only when multiple backup sets on the device use the same destination.
    • Target device
      You can only restore to active devices.
    • Target location
      • Target Path
        Specify a file path on the device for the restore.
      • Original Location
        Specify that the files should be restored to their original location on the device.
    • Target
      (Appears only if you select Target Path). The target path parameter can only be entered if the target device is online.
    • (Optional) Restore files as of
      If you do not fill in this field, the latest file versions are collected.
    • Files to restore
      • Narrow choices using the search field.
      • Select files or folders to collect.
        If you choose to collect a large number of files, preparing the files for restore may take several minutes.


  8. Click Restore to start collecting files.
    CrashPlan downloads the files to the device and file path you chose.
Additional information for system administrators
Legal holds use the same technology for file collection as the CrashPlan console uses for web restores. For more technical information on collecting files, please see the CrashPlan console web restore reference guide and tutorial.
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