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This article explains what a directory sync report is and how to troubleshoot when you receive report of a directory sync error. CrashPlan emails the reports to administrators of CrashPlan environments that use a provisioning provider, either SCIM provisioning or CrashPlan User Directory Sync.


The directory sync report email is sent to users with the Customer Cloud Admin role. 

How does CrashPlan report directory sync activity?

When your CrashPlan environment uses a provisioning provider, it periodically synchronizes with your provider's user data. CrashPlan reports that activity in three ways:

  • A daily email, the directory sync report, summarizes SCIM provisioning changes over the previous 24 hours.
  • When a sync operation generates errors, CrashPlan sends a second email to notify you of directory sync errors. 
  • All sync operations are recorded in the CrashPlan console's Sync log.

To learn more about SCIM provisioning and how it works in a CrashPlan environment, see our introduction to SCIM provisioning.

Directory sync errors for SCIM provisioning providers

The following are the directory sync error messages you may see in email or in the Sync log:

Unable to update user's role

CrashPlan may not be able to update a user's role if the role is no longer available in your CrashPlan environment or if the mapping was deleted. Verify your identity provider is configured correctly, and confirm that the role is available in your CrashPlan environment

  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan console as a user with the Org Admin or Cross Org Admin role. 
  2. Click Administration > Environment > Users
  3. Select a user.
  4. Click the action menu in the upper-right corner.
  5. Choose Edit
  6. Click the Roles tab.
  7. Verify that the role appears in the list of Available Roles
    • If it does appear in the list, continue to step 8.
      Note that you can also manually add the role to the user here if you need to immediately give the user access.
    • If it does not appear in the list, contact CrashPlan support
  8. Click to Administration > Integrations > Identity Management
  9. Click Provisioning
  10. Under Role Mapping, verify that the role is mapped to the SCIM group. 
  11. Sign in to your provisioning provider and re-sync with CrashPlan.

Unable to move existing user to an organization

CrashPlan may not be able to update a user's organization if the organization was deleted. You can either:

  • Create a new organization and mapping
  • Create an organization to match the existing mapping.
  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan console
  2. Click Administration > Environment > Organizations. 
  3. Select the Add an organization icon Add an organization button.png .
  4. Follow the steps below to create a new mapping or use the existing mapping.

Create a new organization and new mapping

  1. Enter a new organization name.
  2. Update your Organization Mapping to map the group to the organization.
  3. Sign in to your provisioning provider, and sync users with CrashPlan. 

Create a new organization for the existing mapping

  1. Enter a new organization name that matches the name used in the existing mapping.
  2. Sign in to your provisioning provider, and sync users with CrashPlan. 

Troubleshooting tips

Some general troubleshooting tips for provisioning: 

  • Once provisioning is configured in CrashPlan, you should make all user changes in the provisioning provider. CrashPlan does not sync changes back to provisioning provider, so any changes you make on the CrashPlan side causes the two apps to become out-of-sync. 
  • Updating the CrashPlan console does not start a sync between the provisioning provider and CrashPlan. Only changes made in the provisioning provider can start a sync. 
  • To view more information about provisioning changes and logs, see the Sync Log in the CrashPlan console. It gives details about the users who have been created, updated, or deleted due to provisioning. 
  • Check your identity provider's logs for errors. 

Contact support

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