Connect to CrashPlan cloud destinations from a proxy server

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To connect to a destination from behind a proxy server, you must configure proxy server settings. If you are able to make an initial connection to the destination without connecting through a proxy, configure your proxy settings from the CrashPlan app. However, if you can only connect through a proxy, then you must configure proxy settings manually. Both processes are described below.


  • This article assumes you have permission to manage your proxy settings. Your administrator may prevent changes to your proxy settings.
  • The CrashPlan app does not support SOCKS-only HTTP proxies.

Recommended solution

If you are able to make an initial connection to the destination without connecting through a proxy, configure proxy settings in the CrashPlan app:

  1. Open the CrashPlan app.
  2. Select Settings-gear-export.png
  3. Select Network.
  4. Next to Proxy, click Change.
  5. Select Enable proxy.
  6. If your proxy connection requires a proxy auto-config (PAC) file, select Manual then enter the file URL in PAC URL.
  7. Click Save.

The CrashPlan app can now detect your proxy settings and connect to the destination, which allows you to begin your backup and modify your settings.

Proxy auto-config (PAC) files

A proxy auto-config (PAC) file defines what proxies the CrashPlan app should use to connect to its destinations. Use of a PAC file is enabled by a CrashPlan administrator.

The PAC file specifies whether the CrashPlan app should connect through a specific proxy, connect directly, or a combination depending on the desired order of failover. The PAC file is JavaScript and implements the FindProxyForURL method that returns the proxies to use for a specified URL and host. The following is an example of a PAC file:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)

The example PAC file directs a CrashPlan app to first try; if that fails, try; if that fails, try a direct connection. All proxy servers defined in the PAC file must have a port specified.

DIRECT proxy requirements
  • CrashPlan app version 8.7.1 and later automatically applies the DIRECT connection option if none is explicitly defined in the PAC file.
  • In CrashPlan app versions 6.0 - 8.7.0, the PAC file must include the DIRECT option. If not, the CrashPlan app does not attempt a direct connection if the proxy fails. After adding the "DIRECT" option to your PAC file, issue the proxy refresh command in the CrashPlan app's command-line interface.

Alternative solution

CrashPlan only

Work with your CrashPlan administrator to set the proxy URL in a deployment policy.

Confirm your connection

To confirm that the client is able to connect to the server using the proxy:

  1. Open the CrashPlan app.
  2. Open CrashPlan Commands using one of the following methods: 

    • Version 8.6 and later: Double-click the CrashPlan logo in the upper-left corner.
    • All versions: Enter the keyboard shortcut for your operating system:
      • Windows: Ctrl+Shift+C
      • Mac: Option+Command+C
      • Linux: Ctrl+Shift+C
  3. Enter the following command-line command using the server and port for the destination:
    proxy test server:port
    • For example:
      proxy test

This will also list the proxies returned by the PAC file that the CrashPlan app is using.

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