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When you sign up for a free trial of CrashPlan, you may see this error message: This account information is invalid or may already be in use. This article explains different issues that can cause this error and how to successfully complete the process. 

Possible causes and solutions

Check the following possible causes in the order presented.

Email address in use

Your email address may already be used by an existing CrashPlan account

If you own that email address, use the CrashPlan console to request a password reset. If your email address is already in use by any CrashPlan product (for example, if you have CrashPlan Enterprise but want to sign up for CrashPlan Essential at home), you will need to use a different email.

 Use unique email addresses and passwords

Each person using CrashPlan account needs their own user account with a unique email address and password. Sharing a user account among multiple people is a large security and data privacy risk because any person using the shared account can download backed-up files from every device under that user account.

Email is not a valid format

To create your account, you must provide a valid email address.

Enter an email address in this format:

Email or password confirmation fields don't match

To create your account, you must enter the same email address into two fields and enter the same password into two fields.

Confirm that:

  • Both email address fields match exactly
  • Both password fields match exactly

Password does not meet requirements

  • Passwords must be at least 8 characters. For stronger security, use 16 characters or more.
  • Passwords must have at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. Special characters and symbols are also allowed.
  • Passwords can't contain spaces or 3 or more repeating letters, numbers, or characters.
  • Passwords shouldn't contain common words or phrases that are easily guessed (like "password" or "letmein").
  • Never reuse passwords. Don't use a password for CrashPlan that you use for any other online account.
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