Upcoming CrashPlan Console URL Changes


To ensure the security and integrity of the CrashPlan cloud, we implemented a networking update on August 3, 2021 that resulted in the following URL changes:

  • CrashPlan console URL www.crashplan.com/console is now console.us2.crashplan.com
  • Server address for CrashPlan app connections central.crashplan.com is now clients.us2.crashplan.com

Since August 2021, we have had URL redirects in place to ensure continuity of service for our customers. Due to additional network stack changes, it is necessary to discontinue these redirects. Beginning September 15, 2023, console URL redirects will no longer function and will need to be updated to the new URLs listed.

If your organization’s instance is in the US2 cloud and you have not yet made the change, you must update instances of the above URLs in all locations to ensure uninterrupted service going forward. These locations may include:

  • Bookmark links
  • SSO and provisioning settings
  • API scripts
  • Deployment policy files

If your organization updated the URLs previously, no further action is required.


Due to recent changes outlined above, some customers may experience issues with SSO login functionality if they did not take prior action to remediate.

To resolve issues with SSO functionality, follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to the CrashPlan console as a locally authenticated Customer Cloud Admin.
    Users on the local user list of an authentication provider or who are not in an SSO-enabled organization are locally authenticated.
  • Navigate to Administration > Integrations > Identity Management and locate the CrashPlan service provider metadata URL, and open it in a separate web browser tab.
  • Run the following CURL command in the Windows Command Prompt or macOS Terminal, replacing <username> with the username of your locally authenticated Customer Cloud Admin user:

    curl -u <username> --location --request DELETE "https://console.us2.crashplan.com/api/v3/tenant-sso-settings/delete-tenant-sso-settings"
  • After running the above CURL command, refresh the CrashPlan service provider metadata URL page to see the updates made.

After running the CURL command, the metadata associated with your tenant’s single sign on will update instantly. Refreshing the CrashPlan service provider metadata URL will show the updated console.us2.crashplan.com values.

At that point you can update your Identity Provider with the necessary entity ID and appropriate URLs contained within the updated metadata, which will restore SSO functionality.

If you have questions or require further information, contact our technical support team.

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