Advanced release notification: CrashPlan app 11.1.1

In early June 2023, CrashPlan will release app version 11.1.1.

As a reminder, administrators can delay this upgrade for up to 60 days by configuring a global delay or organization exception using delayed client updates. Administrators who do not configure a delay will receive new versions of the CrashPlan app on release day. We will send an additional notification the day of the release.

Enhancements in version 11.1.1 of the CrashPlan app include:

  • Improved backup set prioritization - backup sets are now given a minimum time window to work before switching to another backup set. This change prevents scenarios where backup sets could continually interrupt each other. 
  • CrashPlan should now handle disconnects more smoothly, reducing backup and restore issues caused by connectivity problems or changes to the network stack in your environment. 
  • Improvements to logging. 
  • Security improvements. 

See the release notes for more details on features and updates on the release timeline for 11.1.1.

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