​​​​Updates to CrashPlan Agent Branding

The CrashPlan agent will undergo branding updates as part of the version 11.0 agent release. This release will require that you update EDR and network policies as well as re-allow full-disk access for the CrashPlan application on macOS devices. To allow for time to implement these changes we will be releasing CrashPlan version 11.0 no earlier than March 9, 2023 (one week from today).

The 11.0 agent includes updates to unify “CrashPlan” branding across all platforms (Mac, Windows, and Linux). Items which will be updated include:

  • Application and service process names
  • Menu shortcuts and names
  • Code signing certificates
  • Icons and logos

Note: Application support directories, which include logs and cache directories, are NOT changing as they had already been labeled with CrashPlan branding.

Action required for macOS devices

Due to macOS security requirements, full disk access will need to be re-allowed for the updated CrashPlan app. If you use a mobile device management system such as JAMF or Kandji, you’ll need to deploy a new sample .mobileconfig file before release. The updated .mobileconfig sample file is now available.

​​Note: the Code42 .mobileconfig file must remain in place on managed devices until the upgrade to 11.0 is completed. This will ensure seamless functionality during the transition.

Prepare for the release

Please review your environment for items which will need to be updated across various allow/block lists prior to the agent upgrade. Some items to consider include:

  • EDR / Antivirus
    • Application name and hash will be changing
  • Installation/Packaging
    • Install and Uninstall scripts will need to be modified to align with updated naming
    • A new configuration profile (.mobileconfig file) for Mac installations will need to be deployed to managed devices running macOS
    • Username detection scripts may need to be updated if they are using advanced scripting that references Code42 processes or configuration files. If you are unsure whether your script references Code42 please contact CrashPlan Enterprise Support
  • Internal Documentation
    • Please review any internal documentation you may have created and plan to update any screenshots or folder paths referenced therein following upgrade to CrashPlan 11.0

This is the final planned communication prior to release. If you need to delay upgrade past March 9, 2023,  please implement an additional upgrade delay prior to that date.

Learn More

To find exact paths/names, recommendations and procedures to follow, please see our article CrashPlan app version 11.0 changes to application and service names.


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