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This article explains how to move a backup archive from one local destination, such as a folder or external drive, to another local destination. When you change the backup location, the CrashPlan app moves the entire backup archive so all of the files are in one place. This might be useful if you are backing up to an external drive that fills up, and you want to move the backup to a larger drive.


  • You can update the local destination from the CrashPlan app. When you do this, the CrashPlan app moves the entire backup archive for you. For larger archives, it may be faster to manually copy the archive, and then attach the archive to the CrashPlan app.
  • Moving a backup archive only applies to local destinations, not to cloud destinations like the CrashPlan cloud.

Update local destination from the CrashPlan app

  1. Open the CrashPlan app.
  2. Navigate to Device preferences. Select bluecogSettings-export.png Settings.
  3. Click Destinations.
  4. Select the name of the backup you want to move.
  5. Click Change next to Archive location.
    destinations preferences.png
  6. From your device's file browser, select the new location for the archive.
  7. Click Open to confirm that you selected the archive you want to move.
    The CrashPlan app copies your archive to the new location and notifies you when the archive has been added.

Manually copy and attach an archive

Alternatively, if you need to move a large archive, it may be faster to manually copy the backup archive to its new destination, then attach the archive from the CrashPlan app. Use an application like TeraCopy or Rsync, which can verify that files don't become corrupted during copying, to copy the archive from its existing location to the new location.

Verify that files are not corrupted
Please note, it is important to copy the archive using an application that can verify that files aren't corrupted during the copying process, such as TeraCopy or Rsync.

To attach the archive to the new destination:

  1. Connect the drive containing the archive to your device.
  2. Open the CrashPlan app.
  3. Navigate to Backup Set Settings
    • Select bluecogSettings-export.png Settings.
    • Select Backup Sets.
  4. From Destinations, choose Change.
    local destination.png
  5. Click Add A Local Destination.
  6. From your file browser, select the drive or folder containing the backup archive you would like to add.
    The GUID of the drive or folder must match the device ID of your current device. Look for the folder that matches the current device ID: for example, 948212309528060501.
  7. When prompted, click Add Backup to confirm you want to add the backup archive from the drive or folder you selected.
  8. Select the local destination from the list of available destinations.
  9. Click Save.


Your files resume backing up, now storing files in the new location. You can delete the archive folder from its original location.

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