Where is my CrashPlan data stored?

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You may need to know where CrashPlan stores your data in order to plan for disaster recovery, or to meet privacy compliance requirements. This articles describes where your data is stored.

 Most accounts use a US-based cloud destination by default

To use a different cloud destination or learn which ones are available for your plan, contact our support team.


User and device data

User and device data displayed in the CrashPlan console is stored in CrashPlan cloud data centers. The general geographical location of the data centers is indicated in the CrashPlan cloud URL. For example:

  • "ie": Ireland
  • "eu": European Union
  • "us": United States

The CrashPlan cloud locations are:


CrashPlan backs up files from your computers and stores them in destinations in CrashPlan cloud data centers.

While we keep the precise location of our data centers confidential to ensure security and maintain privacy, the naming convention that CrashPlan uses for its destinations provides the general geographical location of the data centers used. For example:

  • "AMS": Amsterdam
  • "AU" or "AUS": Australia
  • "DUB": Dublin
  • "IRL": Ireland
  • "NLD" - Netherlands
  • "SGP" or "SIN": Singapore
  • "US" or "USA": United States

Following are examples of destination names:

  • CrashPlan AUS
  • CrashPlan IRL
  • CrashPlan NLD
  • CrashPlan SGP
  • CrashPlan USA East
  • CrashPlan USA West
  • CrashPlan Australia
  • CrashPlan Central*
  • CrashPlan PRO Online*
  • Internet2 US
  • PROe Cloud, AMS
  • PROe Cloud, AU
  • PROe Cloud, DUB
  • PROe Cloud, SIN
  • PROe Cloud, US
  • PROe Cloud, US - West

*Located in the United States.

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