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Starting in 2018, CrashPlan changes our translation policy for the CrashPlan console in CrashPlan cloud environments. Any updates to the CrashPlan console are first released in US English only. Support for the 15 additional languages is added in a later release. CrashPlan groups all translation updates to the CrashPlan console and releases the updates once every 3-4 months. 

This article explains the upcoming changes in CrashPlan’s language support and what it means for you. 


This policy affects the CrashPlan console in CrashPlan cloud environments.

Translation policy

To maintain accurate translations, CrashPlan uses human translators who not only translate the words, but localize the user interface to support non-English speakers. To maintain our release cadence as well as our high standard for localization, we are updating our translation policy. New features and updates to the CrashPlan console in CrashPlan cloud environments are released in English first. The 15 additional supported languages are added every 3-4 months. 

This means

  • All existing features are still translated in each of the 15 supported languages.
  • CrashPlan groups all translation updates to the CrashPlan console and releases the updates once every 3-4 months. 
  • The CrashPlan app will include support for all 15 languages for each major and minor release. 
  • CrashPlan environments with an on-premises authority server or managed appliances will include all 15 supported languages for each major and minor release. 
  • There may be times when some features of the CrashPlan console are translated and localized, and some features remain in US English-only. 


major software version

Major software versions contain large features and changes to functionality. A significant software version that is defined by a decimal place ending in 0. Example: 10.0.

minor software version

Minor software versions contain smaller features and enhancements to existing functionality. Minor version numbers are one decimal place, such as 8.8 or 10.2

supported languages

The available language options of CrashPlan products

Updates to this document 

This Translation policy document should not be interpreted as a legally binding commitment, but rather as an informational document that may change occasionally as we respond to changing market conditions and to our customers' needs.

This document represents the current view of CrashPlan as of the date it was posted. CrashPlan may change or update this policy at any time, without notice. CrashPlan cannot guarantee that this document will be kept up-to-date, nor that any typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions will be corrected. Please check this document periodically to keep informed of any changes.

All online policies and similar documents are for informational purposes only. CrashPlan makes no warranties, express, implied or statutory, by posting such documents or about the information in such documents.

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