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CrashPlan strives to continually innovate and evolve its solutions, providing customers with richer functionality and more robust products. As part of this ongoing evolution, certain CrashPlan products will reach the end of their lives. Our goal is to provide straightforward product lifecycle policies that help customers better design, deploy, and manage their IT investments and upgrades.

This article outlines CrashPlan's communication and transition plans for any discontinued software version.

Version end-of-life period

The end-of-life period for a software version begins when:

  • CrashPlan makes a software version end-of-life announcement
  • CrashPlan makes a new release announcement

End-of-life announcements will be made approximately six months prior to the end-of-life date and will contain an official timeline describing discontinuation plans, including an end-of-support date.

  • If a direct replacement product is offered, CrashPlan may shorten the end-of-life period.
  • CrashPlan will not generate quotes for the license or sale of any software version during its end-of-life period.
  • Support contracts cannot extend past the end-of-life date of CrashPlan software versions.

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end-of-life announcement

The point at which CrashPlan announces a product or version will be discontinued.  

end-of-life date

The last day that a product is supported according to terms of CrashPlan support plans.

end-of-life period

The period of time beginning with the day CrashPlan announces a product will be discontinued or a new version is released until the last date that the product is formally supported by CrashPlan. Generally, once the end-of-life period begins, enhancements are not made; only security fixes are available. 

end-of-sale date

The date when a product is no longer available for purchase from CrashPlan or its authorized resellers. This date also establishes the end-of-life date for hardware and some software product lines.

end-of-sale notification

The notification that establishes when a discontinued product will no longer be generally available. The end-of-sale notification begins the end-of-life period.

generally available

A product is generally available when sold by CrashPlan or a CrashPlan-authorized agent and for which an end-of-life announcement has not been issued. 

new release announcement

Announcement indicating that a newer software version of a generally available product is available. Release notifications begin the end-of-life period for a previous version or versions.

new release date

The date on which the new release of software becomes generally available. 


Any good or service produced or provided by CrashPlan.

software versions

CrashPlan uses four designations for software versions:

  • Major software versions contain large features and changes to functionality. Major version numbers are one or two digits (and a zero), such as 8.0 or 11.0.
  • Minor software versions contain smaller features and enhancements to existing functionality. Minor version numbers are one or two digits with a decimal designation, such as 8.5 or 10.1.
  • Maintenance software versions contain bug fixes and other small changes. Maintenance version numbers are one or two digits with two decimal designations, such as 8.5.1 or 10.5.1.
  • Patch software versions contain bug fixes or other corrections that must be addressed before the next scheduled release point. Patch version numbers are one or two digits with three decimal designations, such as or

Updates to this document

This Version End-Of-Life Policy document should not be interpreted as a legally binding commitment, but rather as an informational document that may change occasionally as we respond to changing market conditions and to our customers' needs.

This document represents the current view of CrashPlan as of the date it was posted. CrashPlan may change or update this policy at any time, without notice. CrashPlan cannot guarantee that this document will be kept up-to-date, nor that any typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions will be corrected. Please check this document periodically to keep informed of any changes.

All online policies and similar documents are for informational purposes only. CrashPlan makes no warranties, express, implied, or statutory, by posting such documents, or about the information in such documents.


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