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This article presents several tips for troubleshooting failures during web restore (restores performed through the CrashPlan console). Follow these troubleshooting suggestions in the order presented.


  • When performing web restore from an archive that resides at the CrashPlan cloud, the client browser performing the web restore must be able to connect to the CrashPlan cloud on TCP 4285.
  • The request is initiated by the client browser. However, if the client-side firewall blocks client-initiated communication on TCP 4285, the web restore pane does not display. Generally, this occurs only in the most restrictive firewall situations, as most firewalls allow client-initiated requests.


1. Check download size

Your administrator can restrict the maximum amount that can be downloaded from the web. If your download selection exceeds the total allowed, download from the CrashPlan app instead. Downloads are limited to 250 MB by default, but administrators can change this restriction by increasing the web restore limit.

2. Test connectivity

Several ports must be configured correctly for web restores to operate.

Often, software firewalls on the client-side are the root cause of connection failures. For example, a push restore to a CrashPlan app device requires in-bound access on port 4287. A standard Windows workstation with Windows Firewall enabled does not permit this operation and push restore fails. A command line or browser connection test will confirm this.

Via command line

You can use the command line to confirm the device can connect to the CrashPlan cloud as required.

Via browser

Test the connection from the client system by pointing a web browser directly at the CrashPlan cloud CrashPlan console. A successful browser connection displays a sign-in screen.

3. Try another browser

Web browsers handle issues with web restore differently, especially when multi-server connections are required. If web restore fails in one browser, it may work in another. At a minimum, try Google Chrome and the latest version of the native OS-based browser: Edge (Windows) or Safari (Mac).

Contact technical support

If you're still having trouble with web restore, contact our technical support.

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