Updates to CrashPlan agent branding

As part of CrashPlan’s ongoing separation from Code42, the CrashPlan agent will undergo branding updates as part of the version 11.0 agent release, targeting early February 2023.

The 11.0 agent will be updated to remove mentions of Code42 Software across all platforms (Mac, Windows, and Linux). Items which will be updated include:

  • Application and service process names
  • Menu shortcuts and names
  • Code signing certificates
  • Icons and logos

Note: Application support directories, which include logs and cache directories are NOT changing as they had already been labeled with CrashPlan branding.

Please review your environment for items that may need to be updated on various allow/block lists prior to the agent upgrade early next year. Items such as:

  • EDR / Antivirus
    • Application name and hash will be changing
  • Installation/Packaging
    • Install and Uninstall scripts will need to be updated to point to the correct names
    • A new configuration profile (.mobileconfig file) for Mac installations will be provided, and will need to be pushed to company-managed Macs to ensure a seamless upgrade.
    • Username detection scripts may need to be updated if they are using advanced scripting that references Code42 processes or configuration files
  • Internal Documentation
    • Please review any internal documentation you may have created and note any screenshots or folder paths that may need to be updated

As we get closer to the launch of the 11.0 agent, more communication will be sent so that customers can add additional upgrade delays in order to validate the specific changes that may be needed.

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For more details about exact paths/names that will be changing, see our article CrashPlan app version 11.0 changes to application and service names.

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