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The My Profile screen displays summary info about your recent activity and your devices. To access the My Profile screen, hover over the Account menu in the upper-right corner and select your name.

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For a description of other parts of this menu, see Account menu.  

My profile

To view your user profile, sign in to the CrashPlan console. From the Account menu, select your name. The action menu contains commands to edit your profile.

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Item Description
a Your first name, last name, and the organization to which you belong.
b Action menu Displays actions you can perform. You can edit your profile and view deactivated devices.
c General info Summary of your account information.
d Used Storage Size of your archives.
e Backup Restores Number of restore sessions and the amount of data restored.
f Device Name List of devices associated with your account.
g Roles Displays roles assigned to you.
h Reference Displays your External Reference and Notes fields.

Action menu

From the My Profile action menu you can:

Name Description

Edit your user account information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Backup Quota
  • Roles*
  • Reference
Show Deactivated Devices* View devices you've deactivated.
Hide Deactivated Devices* Hide devices you've deactivated from the devices list.
View Archives* Opens the Archive List view, which displays information about the archives associated with your account.
Reset Password* Sends you an email containing a link to reset your password.

* Administrators only

Edit profile

To edit profile, select the action menu , and choose Edit.

Edit User.png

Item Description
a First and Last Name1 Your first and last name.
b Email Address1 CrashPlan email address.
c Password1 New password. Re-enter password to confirm.
  • Passwords must be at least 8 characters. For stronger security, use 16 characters or more.
  • Passwords must have at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. Special characters and symbols are also allowed.
  • Passwords can't contain spaces or 3 or more repeating letters, numbers, or characters.
  • Passwords shouldn't contain common words or phrases that are easily guessed (like "password" or "letmein").
  • Never reuse passwords. Don't use a password for CrashPlan that you use for any other online account.
d Backup Quota*

Limit of data in GB that you can back up.

Select Unlimited to have no restriction.

e Password criteria

A new password must meet these requirements.

1Changing this field may require you to sign in to the CrashPlan console again. 

* Administrators only


Edit roles

Available to administrators only.

Edit Roles.png

Item Description
a Available Roles Roles you can assign.
b > < Assign or remove role from list.
c Current Roles Roles assigned to you.
d Currently Assigned Permissions Description of permissions associated with the role.


Available to administrators only.

Edit Reference Info.png

a External reference

Optional external reference information, such as a serial number, asset tag, employee ID, or help desk issue ID.

b Notes Optional descriptive information.
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