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This reference guide describes an organization's backup reporting settings for warnings and alerts that your users receive about their backup status.

Access device backup reporting settings

  • To view the general device backup settings: Choose Administration > Environment > Organizations. When the Active tab opens, click the organization name. (You may need to expand the parent organization.) Scroll down to Device Backup Defaults and click the Reporting tab.
  • To change these default settings for the organization: From the action menu, choose Device Backup Defaults, then click the Reporting tab.
  • To customize the backup status report email and backup alert email, see Customize email templates .

Device backup reporting settings

console device default reporting reference.png

Item Description
a Delivery time Indicates the part of the day when reports are delivered to users.
b Send backup report every Specifies how often to send the backup status report to users.
c Send backup alerts Indicates whether users receive warning alerts.
d Send backup alerts Indicates whether users receive critical alerts.
e Lock

Locks this setting to prevent users from changing it in their personal settings.

f Push Applies these settings to existing users in addition to new users.
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