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The Organization Backup report gives you visibility to address common problems and answer common questions about organizations in your CrashPlan environment. To analyze the data in-depth, export the report results as a CSV file, which can be used with the data-analysis tool of your choice.

Organization Backup report

To access the Organization Backup report:

  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan console.
  2. Select Administration > Status > Reporting.
  3. Click the Organization Backup tab.


Item Description
a Organization

Searches on organization name.

Searches are case sensitive.

b Total Storage Used

Filters by total storage used across all destinations in the organization:

  • Greater than or equal to
  • Less than or equal to
c GB Enter a number of gigabytes. This value is used with the selection of Total Storage Used to filter the results by storage space used.
d Organization Status

Filters by organization status:

  • Any
  • Active
  • Deactivated
e Organization UID Enter the unique identifier of an organization to display its child organizations only.
f Run Report Submits the request in order to generate the report.
g Export All As CSV Downloads a CSV file with the full results of a query.
h Table Configuration Options

Displays the Table Configuration Options dialog, which allows you to choose which fields provided by the OrganizationBackupReport resource of the CrashPlan API are displayed.

The fields displayed by default:

  • Organization Name
  • Organization UID
  • # Backup Devices
  • Total Storage Used
  • Status

See additional output values below.

i Organization Name Name of the organization.
j Organization UID Unique identifier of the organization.
k # Backup Devices Number of unique backup devices registered to users in the organization, regardless of status.
l Total Storage Used Amount of storage used by the organization's archives. If no archives are associated to the organization, the organization does not appear in the query results.
m Organization Status

Organization status. Possible organization states:

  • Active
  • Deactivated
n Organization Details Select a row in the query results to view total storage amounts by destination for the organization.
Additional output values available if selected from Table Configuration Options (h).
  Organization External Reference Reference information provided for the organization.
  Parent Organization Name Name of the parent organization.
  Parent Organization UID Unique identifier of the parent organization.
  Result as of Date Effective date and time of the report data.
  Total Number of Users Number of users in the organization, regardless of status.
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