Managed Service Provider Account Information reference


Agents in the Managed Service Provider Program can manage their account and billing information from the Account Information screen.

Existing partners only
At this time, CrashPlan is not accepting new partners for the managed service provider program. This article applies only to existing partners. 

Account Information

To see your account information, in the top navigation of the CrashPlan console, click Account.

Partner account information screen showing billing details.png

Manage billing information through 2Checkout
As of April 1, 2019, billing for the Managed Service Provider program is administered by 2Checkout. In March 2019, CrashPlan emailed all agents with instructions on how to manage billing information through 2Checkout. To keep your subscription current, you must create and manage an account at 2Checkout's customer area. If you need help, contact 2Checkout support at, or contact CrashPlan support

Item Description
a Managed Service Provider Type of subscription.
b Users Number of users on subscription.
c View Account Information

Link to 2Checkout's customer area at

For help using 2Checkout's customer area, contact 2Checkout support at

d Billing Information Billing name, address, and phone number up through March, 2019. After that date, all billing information is maintained in 2Checkout's system.
e Previous Billing History History of recurring subscriptions up through March, 2019. Click a row in the table to view order detail.

Previous billing history detail

Click a row in the Previous Billing History table to view details about a subscription order made up through March 2019.

Screenshot of the order details window.png

Item Description
a Action menu

Available actions to take on this order.

  • Email: Emails the order detail information.
b Ordering Information Billing address and payment information for this order.
c Order Details Individual line items for this order.
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