CrashPlan app version 8.7 release notes (CrashPlan)


This page lists new features and bug fixes for CrashPlan app version 8.7.

For the CrashPlan cloud, see  release notes.

CrashPlan app version 8.7.1

User devices began automatically upgrading on September 7, 2021, unless your administrator configured a  update delay.

Enhancements and updates

  • CrashPlan app cache files are now excluded from backup.

Bug fixes

Improvements to CrashPlan app proxy support:

  • Fixed an issue where the CrashPlan app could incorrectly evaluate the device's operating system-defined proxy instead of the PROXY_URL defined in the CrashPlan deployment policy.
  • Fixed an issue where a CrashPlan app proxy connection could delay the device's overall startup process.
  • Fixed an issue where the CrashPlan app was unable to read the proxy auto-config (PAC) file if the device disconnected from VPN.
  • Fixed a rare issue where very large PAC files could be truncated, which caused parsing errors. 
  • Connections to localhost no longer use a proxy connection. 

CrashPlan app version 8.7.0

In cloud-only CrashPlan environments, user devices will be automatically upgraded to CrashPlan version 8.7.0 over several days, beginning August 10, 2021. Administrators can delay this upgrade by up to 60 days by configuring a  upgrade delay.

Enhancements and updates

  • Security updates. 
  • The java mx  to change memory allocation now includes a 30-minute delay before taking effect. To apply the new setting immediately, append the restart command. For example: java mx 2048, restart 

Bug fixes


  • Performance and stability improvements to both security and backup processes. 
  • On Mac devices, fixed an issue introduced in CrashPlan app version 8.6.0 where the CrashPlan menu bar icon did not automatically appear after the CrashPlan app upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where CrashPlan app logs could incorrectly report devices on Windows 10 build 1909 as being on build 1903.
  • Fixed an issue where new device registrations could get stuck on the sign-in screen under certain circumstances. 

Backup and restore

  • Fixed an issue on Linux devices where "present" and "away" bandwidth settings were not applied properly.
  • Fixed an issue where adding exclusions to the backup file selection did not remove the newly excluded files from existing backups under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where files could be backed up outside the specified backup window under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in CrashPlan app version 8.6.0 where the name of the default backup set on a new device was blank. Now, the default backup set for new devices once again uses the device name (for example, "Clyde's Laptop Backup Set").
  • Fixed an issue where the  command could fail to update the path for a device if the CrashPlan app was deployed using a deployment policy that locked the user’s home directory.
  • Fixed a very rare issue where archive maintenance for local backup archives did not complete under certain circumstances.
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