CrashPlan app version 10.0 release notes


This page lists new features and bug fixes for CrashPlan app version 10.0.

For the CrashPlan cloud, see CrashPlan cloud release notes.

CrashPlan app version 10.0.0

User devices begin automatically upgrading May 12, 2022, unless your administrator configured a client update delay.

Enhancements and updates

  • Security updates.
  • The SHA256 hash of the user detection script is now included in the Logs folder. This enables you to confirm the integrity of the script run on each device.
  • Mac devices no longer use audio and video activity to determine if the user is away or present.
  • Updates to logging.

Bug fixes


  • Performance and stability improvements. 
  • Fixed several issues for Macs with the M1 processor where:
    • The CrashPlan app could use unexpectedly high amounts of memory.
    • Rosetta 2 was required to complete the installation process (even though the primary functions of the app did not use Rosetta 2).
    • The Apple System Report settings could list the CrashPlan application type as "iOS." Now, it correctly displays "Apple Silicon."
  • For Macs with an external graphics cards (eGPU), fixed an issue where the CrashPlan app could prevent proper disconnection of the eGPU.
  • Fixed an issue where the proxy auto-config (PAC) file was not evaluated correctly if the last line in the file was a comment (starting with //). 
  • Fixed an issue where CrashPlan app upgrades could fail to download for devices connected to the Internet via a proxy server.
  • Fixed a very rare issue where an unusual trust certificate configuration could prevent the CrashPlan app from being deployed to new devices.
  • Fixed two minor formatting issues in the com.crashplan.service.plist file.

Backup and restore

  • Fixed an issue for Windows devices using the User State Migration Tool (USMT) where contents of the user_settings directory were not available to restore under certain circumstances. 
  • For devices backing up to new storage destinations as part of recent changes to CrashPlan cloud infrastructure, fixed an issue where the file verification scan did not complete under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the file verification scan ran more frequently than scheduled on some devices.
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