What to do after receiving a Crashplan backup alert

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Managing your backup means staying informed about its successes and failures. The CrashPlan app sends email warnings and alerts to help you stay informed about the status of your backups. If you receive a backup alert and you're not sure why, this article can walk you through the most common reasons. 

Alerts and warnings

Alerts and warnings are email messages letting you know if there is a problem with your backup.

Backup Warning
You receive a warning when your computer hasn't backed up (to any destination) for a specified number of days.
Backup Alert
You receive an alert when your computer hasn't backed up (to any destination) for a specified number of days. Alerts are sent as a follow-up to a warning when the computer still hasn't backed up.


  • Alerts and warning are set, by default, to three days and five days, respectively
  • You can change the time period for warnings and alerts from Settings > Device Backup.
  • Alert period(s) are not "reset" until a backup occurs

What to do if you get a backup alert

Check your connection

If you get an email alert telling you that one of your computers hasn't backed up in several days, first make sure that the computer is connected to the Internet and has not been turned off or asleep. If necessary, troubleshoot network issues that could prevent the CrashPlan app from backing up.

Check for notifications

Next, open the CrashPlan app and look for any errors or other messages that may suggest why the computer isn't backing up. This article may be useful for troubleshooting:

Check your backup schedule setting

Is the CrashPlan app configured to run all of the time, or only during a specific window of time? For complete coverage, set the CrashPlan app to run Always.

If the CrashPlan app is set to run between specific times, make sure both the source and destination computers are on and awake during an overlapping window of time. The CrashPlan app can't back up or restore outside of this window, and it can't back up if the a computer is off or asleep.

  1. Open the CrashPlan app.
  2. Select settings_icon.png Settings.
  3. Select Backup Sets.
  4. Click Change for Backup Schedule.

Restart the CrashPlan app and your computer

Restarting the CrashPlan app or your computer can resolve issues. First, restart the CrashPlan service. If you've restarted the CrashPlan app, and you're still unable to connect to any of your destinations, restarting your computer may resolve the connectivity issue.

Contact support

If you've tried these options and you are still unable to determine why an alert was sent, contact our support team for further assistance.

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