Configure device backup settings (Small Business)


This article outlines how to use the CrashPlan console to define end-user device backup settings for CrashPlan for Small Business.

Configuring these settings allows you to fine-tune many aspects of collecting files for data protection, including:

  • User device settings related to timing of backups, CPU usage, and bandwidth allocation
  • Specific file paths and file types to include or exclude from backups
  • Timing and thresholds for sending alerts
  • Network bandwidth limits


Most options in this article require administrative privileges to configure.

Set device defaults

To apply device backup settings to all devices:

  1. From the CrashPlan console, select Device Backup.
  2. Select from the tabs to configure specific settings.
  3. Click Push push.png to apply a setting to user devices.
    SMB Device Defaults.png

Set device-level settings

To apply device backup settings to an individual device:

  1. From the CrashPlan console, go to Devices > Active.
  2. Select a device.
  3. Click the action menu gear icon.png in the upper-right corner.SMB console edit device settings reference.png
  4. Select Edit.
  5. Select from the tabs to configure specific settings.
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