Backup Status Report for administrators (Small Business)

 This article applies only to CrashPlan for Small Business


The CrashPlan for Small Business Backup Status Report for administrators and Backup Alert Report for administrators provide information about devices in your organization that have not backed up recently. This article reviews the content of the reports, and explains how to configure the frequency and recipients of the reports. 

For information about backup status reports for individual user devices, see Your CrashPlan for Small Business backup status report

Backup status report for administrators 

SMB admin backup report reference.png

Item Description
a Support

Link to CrashPlan support documentation

b My Account Select to sign in to the CrashPlan console

Name of the organization for the statistics shown 

d Reporting period 

 Start and end dates for this report 

e Areas of concern The number of devices in your organization that have an area of concern, such as a long time since the last backup activity or an incomplete backup. Troubleshoot areas of concern.  
f See Current Status 

Select to sign in to view your devices in the CrashPlan console

g User

Username of the user for the computer listed 

h Device Name

Name of the device in CrashPlan for Small Business 

i Selected for Backup The amount of data selected for backup for this device 
j Last Activity Number of days since a backup on this computer to CrashPlan PRO Online stopped for any reason or since a file verification scan completed
k Total Users  Total number of active users in your organization. The number of users added or deactivated since the last report appears below. 
l Total Devices Total number of active devices in your organization. The number of devices added or removed since the last report appears below. 
m Total Selected for Backup

The amount of data selected for backup for your organization. The amount of data added for backup or removed since the last report appears below. 


If the same files are selected for backup in two or more backup sets, the files are counted multiple times in the Total Selected for Backup value. As a result, the value shown here may be higher than the actual amount selected for backup since the backup is de-duplicated.

To view backup status percentages (shown in previous versions of this report) see device details in the CrashPlan console

Configure report

  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan console.
  2. Go to Settings > Reporting. 
  3. Configure alert thresholds, report frequency, and recipients. 
Backup Alert report for administrators

A Backup Alert report is sent when one of your organization's devices meets the warning or critical thresholds in Settings > Reporting.  

SMB admin backup alert reference.png

For detailed descriptions of the Backup Alert report contents, see the details above for the Backup Status report

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