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Occasionally you may experience issues restoring files. This article outlines potential errors and solutions for these issues.

Unable to start restore

If you are unable to start a restore from the CrashPlan app, there are several possible causes. See the details below for the specific error reported by the CrashPlan app.

Unable to restore because destination is unavailable

When a destination is unavailable, the CrashPlan app displays one of the causes listed below:

  • Archive missing
  • Backup schedule
  • Under maintenance
  • Not recognized

Refer to our Destination unavailable  troubleshooting guide to diagnose and resolve this issue.

Unable to restore until we have synchronized with destination

Synchronization is a routine process that the CrashPlan app uses to compare the files selected for backup against the files that have actually been backed up. While this process shouldn't take very long, you can view the status information about synchronization on the Home screen.

During this process you can restore files backed up to a cloud destination, such as CrashPlan cloud, from the CrashPlan console.

Unable to restore because destination is offline

If you receive a message that the destination is offline when trying to restore from a cloud destination, such as CrashPlan Central, you may be experiencing a network disruption or slowdown of service. Contact your administrator for further assistance. 

Cannot connect to destination

When your device is unable to connect to a backup destination, you may see the following message in the CrashPlan app: “Cannot connect to destination. If the problem continues, contact your administrator or support for assistance.” You may also receive an email alert notifying you that the device “has been unable to reach any backup destinations for X Days”.

To troubleshoot this issue, see Cannot connect to destination .

Unable to restore after replacing a device

If you don’t see your files in the Restore Files browser after using the CrashPlan app’s replace device feature, it is typically because those files weren’t transferred to your device first. If this is the case, those files are retained in your backup as deleted files. To ensure those files aren’t lost unintentionally, see Can't find files after replacing a device using CrashPlan.

There was a problem. Please try again.

If you try to restore files and see the message, "There was a problem. Please try again.", it may be because you are trying to restore files to a location that doesn't have enough space, or the CrashPlan app doesn't have the appropriate permissions to write to that location.

Try restoring your files to a different location with enough space and where the CrashPlan app has the needed permissions. If that doesn't work, contact our technical support team.

Persistent status of "Preparing Files"

If you restore files and see the status message, "Preparing Files", in the Downloads window after starting the restore, the CrashPlan app is preparing to transfer the files, and will begin downloading shortly. However, if the status message persists and doesn't change, contact our technical support team.

Archive maintenance

Archive maintenance is a regularly scheduled task that runs on each backup destination. The purpose is to maintain archive integrity and optimize the size of the archives. When archive maintenance is happening, you will not be able to restore files until it is complete.

Check the CrashPlan app Home screen for a maintenance progress indicator to see if your archive is in maintenance.

Unable to restore specific files or unknown error for files

If you are able to restore some files but are unable to restore other specific files, or you see the error message "Unknown error for x files", see our troubleshooting guide for Unable to restore specific files using CrashPlan.

Unable to open restored files on Mac

If you are able to restore files to a Mac, but are unable to open the files, it means that you don't have the permissions needed to access the files. When this issue occurs, a red circle displays on the restored folders or files. See our troubleshooting article to correct this issue.

Still having trouble?

If the above troubleshooting suggestions do not help you resolve the issue, please contact technical support.

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