Unable to open Zip file from web restore

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When restoring files from the CrashPlan console on a Windows system, you may encounter an error stating that the downloaded .zip file is invalid. This article explains the cause of the issue and gives methods to troubleshoot the error.


Windows devices.


If you have the permissions necessary to install software on the computer you are restoring to, download and install the CrashPlan app and restore from within the CrashPlan app.

Recommended solution

There is a 260-character path length limit on Windows which can cause web restore .zip files to fail to unzip and display an error. This error appears because the file path of the extracted contents of the .zip exceeds the 260-character limit enforced by the Windows API.

To open the zip file:

  1. Download and install a third party extraction software, such as 7zip or WinRAR.
    Both are free utilities that are not bound by the Windows API character path limit.
  2. Use the extraction software to extract the downloaded .zip.
Non-CrashPlan products
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External resources

Third party extraction utilities: 7zip and WinRAR

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