How to combine CrashPlan email reports


This article describes how to combine email reports if you have multiple devices. Follow these steps if you get multiple email alerts for your computers or if the email alert does not include all of your computers.


This article assumes that you have permission to configure your Device Backup Settings. However, your administrator may disable the ability to edit this setting.


To combine emails, log in to the CrashPlan console and make sure all of your devices are set to the same delivery time.

  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan app on one of your devices.
  2. Select settings_icon.png Settings.
  3. Click Manage account on the web...
    The CrashPlan console opens.
  4. Sign in to the CrashPlan console using your CrashPlan app username and password.
  5. Select Devices > Active.
  6. Click on a device.
    Device detail appears.
  7. Click the action menu and choose Edit.
    The Device Backup Settings appear.
  8. Select Reporting.
  9. Next to Delivery time, either select a different time, or just note the time.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Go back to Device Overview.
  12. Select a different device.
  13. Repeat steps to change the delivery time to match the first device if necessary.
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