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The CrashPlan app displays messages to keep you up to date with the status of your backup archive. This article lists the various messages that can be displayed and gives resources for resolving associated issues.

For more ways to check the status of your backup, see Check the status of your backup in CrashPlan

Authorization messages

When connecting, the CrashPlan app checks several basic values, such as your username, password, subscription status, and application version. The CrashPlan app can display one of several error messages related to authorization:

Status Meaning
Unable to sign in Your username or password is incorrect.
Unable to connect, check your network

The CrashPlan app is unable to connect to the CrashPlan cloud.

License limit reached

You are backing up the maximum number of computers for your plan. To purchase more licenses to allow the computer to back up, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM). If you do not know your CSM, please contact our technical support.

You have an older version You are running an older version of the CrashPlan app. Upgrade your version by uninstalling and reinstalling the newest version from our website.
Not authorized The destination server does not recognize your computer. Restart the CrashPlan app service to reauthorize with the destination.

Network messages

Once the CrashPlan app has authorized, it creates a network connection to the storage destination. If the storage destination cannot be reached, the CrashPlan app will display one of the following messages:

Status Meaning
Connecting to backup destination Either the source or destination are not currently ready for backup. This can occur when the system is starting up, and backup will begin when the system is up and running.

Network blocked

Backup paused - network blocked

The network has been blocked by limiting the networks available to the CrashPlan app.

Waiting for connection

Unable to back up - no connection for <time>

The CrashPlan app is unable to connect to the destination.

CrashPlan service messages

The local backup engine is the part of the CrashPlan app that monitors and processes your backup and sends it to the destination. During the normal operation of your backup, the engine may display one or more of the following messages:

Status Meaning
Scanning The CrashPlan app is scanning the items in your file selection.

Backup running

Backup running - <time> remaining

Your backup is currently running. The CrashPlan app may display an estimate of the time remaining before the backup is complete.
Backup complete! Your backup has completed.
Synchronizing The CrashPlan app is synchronizing with the backup destination to check for any new, changed, or deleted files.
Routine maintenance Your archive is currently running archive maintenance or, in some cases, synchronization is in progress. 

Destination unavailable - Out of space at destination

Local destination (such as an external drive) only

Your backup destination has run out of storage space.

Destination unavailable - Maintaining backup files

Destination unavailable - backup files are being maintained

Your archive is currently undergoing archive maintenance.

Destination unavailable - backup files are being migrated

Your archive is being moved from its location to another location on the same destination.

Destination unavailable - backup location is being moved

Your archive is being moved from its location to another location on a different destination.

Destination unavailable - backup location is not accessible

The backup destination cannot be reached.
Destination unavailable - unknown problem

Contact technical support.

Destination unavailable - legacy archive, contact support Contact technical support.

Application messages

The CrashPlan app itself may also display messages when it cannot complete the current action due to on option or setting within the application:

Status Meaning

Next backup in <time>

There is new data to be backed up. Backup will begin at the next backup frequency interval.

Backup scheduled to begin at <time>

Your backup is scheduled to run only at certain times and will start at that scheduled time.

Waiting for restore to complete

A restore is currently running, and backup will resume once restore has completed.


Backup has been paused.

Backup paused - resuming in <time>

By default, the pause command stops backup for 1 hour. This message displays the time remaining until backup resumes.

Backup paused - waiting until user is away

CPU settings have been reduced to 0% while user is present, preventing backup when the computer is in use.

Backup paused - waiting until connected to power

Your battery level is too low. The CrashPlan app pauses backup when reaching 20% battery power by default.

Waiting for backup

Backup cannot proceed due to possible network issues.

Unable to back up - no archive encryption key

Your backup uses an enhanced security setting but no archive key password or custom key has been provided. Backup has been disabled until the correct archive key password or custom key is entered.

Unable to back up - no files selected for backup

Backup is not running because no files have been selected for backup.

Unable to back up - running on battery

Your battery power settings do not allow backing up on battery power. Change these settings or plug in a power cable.

Unable to back up - not scheduled to run

Backup is only scheduled to run at certain times and it is outside of the scheduled time.

Unable to back up - allotted capacity has been reduced

The amount of data that you are allowed to back up has been reduced below your current amount of data.
Restore has been disabled by your administrator. Contact your administrator for more information. Your administrator has not granted permission to view, select, or restore backed up files.
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