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Evernote is a useful service for syncing files across your devices. But, like other cloud-based syncing services, it's subject to human error. For example, you may accidentally delete a notebook, or you may want to return to an earlier version of a note. That's where the CrashPlan app comes in. This article describes how you can back up individual notebooks with the CrashPlan app. 

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  • You should export your notes using the ENEX (Evernote's Note Export format) file because it can be imported back into Evernote in the event that you want to restore. However, if you want to back up notebooks in a format that can be used outside of Evernote, you can choose the HTML format. You cannot import HTML files back into Evernote.
  • If you export multiple notebooks to a single ENEX file, when you import the file to Evernote for the purpose of restoring, all of the notes are imported to a single local, non-synced, folder. Your notebook structure is not preserved.
  • If you want to preserve your notebook structure, you can export notebooks separately.

Before you begin

To back up Evernote files, you must have Evernote installed on a desktop or laptop computer (not just a mobile device).


You can use Evernote's export command to save your files to a location that the CrashPlan app backs up. Follow the steps below for your operating system.

  1. Open Evernote on your desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Select the notebooks that you want backed up.
  3. Select File > Export (Windows) or File > Export Note (Mac).
  4. Choose the Evernote XML Format (.enex).





  1. Choose a folder location and export the files.
  2. If it isn't already included, add the folder containing your exported Evernote files to your backup file selection.

External resources

Evernote: How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes and notebooks

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