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In order to maintain the best service, CrashPlan supports specific versions of CrashPlan for Small Business software. As described in the Product Lifecycle Policy, this supported version policy is more restrictive than the general policy of supporting the two most current major software versions. This article names the specific versions of the CrashPlan app that are required for CrashPlan for Small Business, as well as the supported and unsupported operating systems for the currently-supported versions of the CrashPlan app.

CrashPlan cloud endpoint version policy

  • CrashPlan requires that customers use the latest supported version of the CrashPlan app. Previous versions must be upgraded by the dates established in this policy. Identify your version of the CrashPlan app to ensure you are using an up-to-date version.
  • When a new version of the CrashPlan app is available, CrashPlan automatically upgrades your devices. However, devices that do not meet the system requirements may not receive the upgrade. 
  • When a new version of the CrashPlan app no longer supports use on an operating system, CrashPlan announces an end-of-support date for the CrashPlan app on that operating system. CrashPlan strives to announce the end-of-support date 45 days in advance.

Endpoint version requirements

CrashPlan app versions Status
11.0.0 Supported
10.4.0 and earlier Not supported

Supported operating system versions

For a list of operating systems supported by CrashPlan for Small Business, as well as previously supported operating systems, see CrashPlan for Small Business supported operating systems.

 Operating system considerations

Alpha, beta, and other pre-release operating systems are not supported. Only the specific operating system versions listed on this page are supported.

For a complete listing of minimum requirements for the CrashPlan app, see CrashPlan for Small Business requirements.

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