Data retention policy (Small Business)

 This article applies only to CrashPlan for Small Business


Your backup archives protected by CrashPlan for Small Business are retained for the length of your organization's subscription or trial period. A short grace period is allotted when:

  • Your trial period expires
  • Your subscription is canceled
  • A billing error occurs upon renewal

The grace period is intended as a way for your organization to purchase or renew a subscription without impacting your existing data archive. It is not a guarantee that your data will be retained.

What is covered by the retention policy?

The retention policy covers data backed up to our secure online backup destination (labeled as CrashPlan PRO Online). However, without an active subscription, you cannot restore from the online backup destination (labeled as CrashPlan PRO Online) or from local destinations.

Retention policy schedule

After a trial or subscription ends, data will be retained according to the following schedule:

  • Trial expired: 5-7 days
  • Subscription canceled: 14-21 days
  • Expired subscription that fails to auto-renew due to billing error: 45 days

These windows are only approximate. To avoid data loss, assume that data is deleted sooner rather than later within the time intervals listed above.

Users and devices deactivated by an administrator are not subject to a retention policy and will be deleted within 24 hours.


How will I know if my subscription expires?

Your subscription administrator user can view your automatic renewal and expiration dates by logging into the CrashPlan console and clicking the Account > Manage My Subscription button. You'll receive a renewal failure if Automatic Renewals is enabled and we're unable to renew your subscription with the saved payment method. A cancellation notice is sent if all renewals fail or you have canceled your subscription and reached the expiration date.

If you update your account prior to expiration, your organization's existing data is retained automatically. However, if you allow your subscription to lapse, data is retained according to our retention policy schedule.

CrashPlan for Small Business subscriptions attempt renewals three times before cancellation occurs, per the following schedule:

  • Seven days prior to expiration
  • On the date of expiration (if not previously successful)
  • Seven days after expiration (if not previously successful; the subscription will be canceled on this day if the renewal fails)

How do I correct a payment issue?

If an error is encountered when processing your auto-renewing subscription, the subscription administrator for your organization will receive an email notice that your payment failed to process. You can correct the issue by updating your billing information so long as your subscription is still active. Although your data is held for up to 45 days after expiration, if you have received a cancellation notice for your subscription, then a new subscription must be purchased from the CrashPlan console.

What about inactive backups and accounts?

If your device has not connected to CrashPlan PRO Online for more than six months, we may delete the backup archives for that device. To troubleshoot connection issues, see Connect to CrashPlan PRO Online.

Accounts without an active subscription for more than 90 days will be deactivated.

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