CrashPlan for Small Business subscription overview

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This article explains the benefits of a CrashPlan for Small Business subscription.

Subscription features

Protect your most important files
CrashPlan for Small Business does not set any file size limits, so you can back up all of your critical data.

Multiple destination protection
We believe backing up to multiple destinations is the best way to protect your data against catastrophe. Your subscription gives you 24/7 access to your backup in the CrashPlan cloud, and you can also back up to your own external drives for no additional cost.

Security to meet your needs
CrashPlan regards data security as the most important component of our data protection services. That's why CrashPlan for Small Business uses AES-256 encryption.

Online CrashPlan console
The CrashPlan console allows you to remotely view real-time status of computer backups, storage, and restore activity. You can modify user settings and monitor users' backups, which allows you to effectively manage backups for your business.

Web restore
With the CrashPlan console, you can restore files from any computer with your Internet browser. This is a convenient way to access your files in pinch!

Silent and continuous protection
Backing up your files shouldn't get in the way of what you're doing. That's why CrashPlan for Small Business is designed to use minimal CPU power and allows you to configure a backup schedule that fits your work day. Without any additional configuration, most people won't even notice CrashPlan for Small Business is running.

Generous file retention and versions
CrashPlan for Small Business's default setting retains deleted files from your backup set for up to 90 days. Additionally, file versions can be backed up continuously, or daily. If a file becomes corrupt, or you want to return to an earlier version, you can restore from a date and time you specify.

Pricing per computer

With a CrashPlan for Small Business subscription, you pay for the number of computers that appear as Active Devices in the CrashPlan console, whether or not they have backed up any data. At the beginning of each monthly billing cycle, your card is automatically charged for each active device in your organization.

If you no longer want to be charged for a device, deactivate it in the CrashPlan console. Doing so will also remove any existing backup data for that device.

CrashPlan for Small Business subscriptions require a minimum of one device registered to the account. If you have removed all devices on your account, you will still be billed the minimum charge. If you want to stop using CrashPlan for Small Business, you can cancel your subscription.

Your account renews automatically each month until you cancel. Payments cannot be made in advance, either monthly or yearly, because the cost is based on the number of active computers each month.


  • CrashPlan for Small Business subscriptions can only be applied to a single CrashPlan for Small Business organization. All users and devices created under that organization are automatically allowed to back up to CrashPlan PRO Online. 
  • If we determine that your use of CrashPlan for Small Business is adversely affecting other customers or consuming excess bandwidth or storage, we may suspend your access. We will work with you to modify your use of the product to avoid these adverse effects or excess consumption. 
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