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 This article applies only to CrashPlan for Small Business


We hope you stay with CrashPlan for Small Business for a long time, but if for some reason you would like to cancel, this article explains how to request cancellation for your subscription.

When you cancel your subscription, your data remains protected in our CrashPlan cloud until your subscription period ends. You can also request to deactivate your account to end your subscription immediately if necessary.



No refunds are available for CrashPlan for Small Business. Your monthly CrashPlan for Small Business subscription grants you access to our backup service until the end of your subscription term.

Data retention

CrashPlan retains your data until your subscription ends, even if you decide not to continue backing up new or changed data. Data backed up to the CrashPlan cloud is retained for a short grace period prior to removal. To learn more about what happens to your data after a subscription or trial ends, see our data retention policy.

Cancellation process

To cancel your subscription, submit a request in the CrashPlan for Small Business support portal and select I need to cancel my CrashPlan subscription/deactivate my account from the "What is your request about?" menu.

Submit a request shadow.pngOnce submitted, a member of our support team will follow up with you to continue the cancellation process.

When you cancel your subscription, your data is retained in the CrashPlan cloud until the end of your subscription and you will still receive email reports. To remove your data immediately from the CrashPlan cloud and stop email reports from being sent, you can also request that we deactivate your account.

 Why do I need to contact support to cancel?

At CrashPlan, safeguarding your data is our #1 priority, whether or not you choose to continue using us as your backup provider. To prevent a bad actor from maliciously requesting account cancellation and removal on your behalf, we confirm cancellation via email first so that we can verify that it's you requesting the cancellation and not someone else. While it may seem like an unnecessary extra step, it's critical to ensuring backup safety for all of our customers.

Uninstall the CrashPlan app

To remove the CrashPlan app from your devices after deactivating all devices on your account, follow the Complete uninstall process at Uninstall CrashPlan for Small Business


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