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CrashPlan supports managing network bandwidth for user devices in a variety of ways. This article details the available options with links to additional resources. 

Resources for CrashPlan administrators

Configure global network settings

The Network tab on the Device Backup Default Settings screen in the CrashPlan console includes:

  • Backup-data transfer rates for:
    • When the user is present and away
    • Peak and off-peak business hours
  • DSCP settings
  • Proxy settings
  • Excluded wireless networks
  • TCP/IP buffer size

See the device backup network settings reference for details. 

Configure general backup settings

The General tab on the Device Backup Default Settings screen in the CrashPlan console includes settings that can impact network usage:

  • Backup times
  • The amount of CPU to use when the user is present or away
  • Backup destinations
  • Backup frequency

See the device backup general settings reference for details.

Manage remote network traffic

When large numbers of users work remotely, network traffic may overwhelm your virtual private network (VPN). To learn how to reduce the impact of CrashPlan network traffic from remote users, see Limit backup traffic for remote users (Enterprise).

Open ports for network access

To make sure that you have ports open for CrashPlan app access, see IP addresses and ports used by CrashPlan.

Resources for CrashPlan app users

Use the CrashPlan app with limited bandwidth

To change settings in the CrashPlan app to better manage network bandwidth, see Use the CrashPlan app with limited bandwidth.

Exclude networks

To prevent the CrashPlan app from backing up over specified network adapters and wireless networks, ee Exclude networks used for backup (Enterprise).

Troubleshoot network connections

To test port connectivity for the CrashPlan app, see Test your network connection (Enterprise).

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