Configure CrashPlan for use with Amazon WorkSpaces

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CrashPlan supports Amazon WorkSpaces that run one of the currently supported Windows operating systems. Some additional configuration is required to back up these Amazon WorkSpaces. This article identifies system and networking requirements for Amazon WorkSpaces and has the steps you need to take to configure CrashPlan to back them up.


Before you begin

Verify that your WorkSpaces meet Amazon and CrashPlan system and networking requirements.

Group Amazon WorkSpace users into their own organization

After verifying system and networking requirements, create a new organization to group all Amazon WorkSpaces users and their devices together, and then move those users into that organization. By grouping Amazon WorkSpaces users into their own organization, you can configure backup file selection settings for that organization only without impacting any current settings for existing users with physical endpoints.

For details on how to create a child organization and add users to it, see these articles:

 Adding Amazon WorkSpaces users to existing organizations impacts current settings

You can choose to add Amazon WorkSpaces users to your existing organization structure. However, keep in mind that if you do so, the configuration steps below to update the backup file selection for Amazon WorkSpaces users also affects your existing users and devices.

This may result in unnecessary (or unwanted) backups of files on any D:\ drives that currently exist on users' physical devices.

Add the D:\ drive to the backup file selection

Because Amazon WorkSpaces store user files on the D:\ drive, to preserve files that users create on their Amazon WorkSpace virtual machines, add the D:\ drive to the backup file selection.

  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan console.
  2. Select Administration > Environment > Organizations.
  3. Select the organization that contains your Amazon WorkSpaces users.
  4. Select action menu > Device Backup Defaults.
  5. Select the Backup tab.
  6. If needed, unlock the File selection settings on the Backup tab.
  7. Enter D:\Users\ in the Included files box and click Add add_icon_04Mar2020.png.
    The new path is added to the Included files list. Add the D:\Users\ directory to the backup file selection, or customize as needed for your organization.
  8. Click Push setting to devices Push_Icon-500-source.png to update the backup file selection on endpoints.
  9. If needed, lock the File selection settings again to prevent changes.
  10. Click Save.


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