CrashPlan console and backup status report show 0mb selected

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If the Backup Status Report or Device details screen shows 0 MB selected for a specific device, that device may not be backing up as needed. This article helps you troubleshoot such situations to resolve backup issues.

Backup Status report

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Device details screen


Verify the device's file selection

  1. Access the device-level details screen for that device.
  2. Click the Backup tab and scroll to review the File selection section.
    Backups do not run if no files are selected.
  3. If needed, configure the device's backup settings to include files and folders in that device's file selection.

Clear the device's cache

If you have remote or physical access to the device, clear the cache on the device. CrashPlan stores a cache of information about device backups. If this cache is corrupted, CrashPlan may incorrectly report the device's file selection as 0 MB.

Check filepaths and names

Verify that the capitalization of the filepaths and filenames in the file selection match. Incorrect capitalization can cause issues with backups.

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