CrashPlan for Small Business release notes


This page lists the new features, fixes, and enhancements released to CrashPlan for Small Business.

Updates affect the following components:

  • CrashPlan console for CrashPlan for Small Business
  • CrashPlan app
  • CrashPlan PRO Online (our cloud storage destination)


Enhancements and updates

May 17, 2023

  • Performance and stability improvements. 
  • Security updates. 
  • Branding updates. 


CrashPlan app version 11.0.0

March 15, 2023

Agent rebranding

The 11.0 agent includes updates to unify “CrashPlan” branding across all platforms (Mac, Windows, and Linux). Items updated include:

  • Application and service process names
  • Menu shortcuts and names
  • Code signing certificates
  • Icons and logos

Application support directories, which include logs and cache directories, are NOT changing as they had already been labeled with CrashPlan branding. For a complete list of details, see CrashPlan app version 11.0 changes to application and service names.

Other improvements

  • The CrashPlan app installer now contains an uninstaller (this functionality was temporarily removed in a previous version).
  • The CrashPlan app installer now no longer contains a “long” epoch name.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Improvements to logging.
  • Security updates.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue where interrupting an agent install or upgrade could result in the client device failing to authorize and reconnect.
  • Fixed an issue where uninstalling CrashPlan would not remove the CrashPlan app from the Applications folder on MacOS. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Linux upgrade log was incorrectly named. 
  • Fixed an issue where the CrashPlan agent service would fail to start on MacOS Ventura. 
  • Resolved an issue where certain Linux installations were missing service restart scripts. 
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking on the CrashPlan logo failed to open the CrashPlan CLI.


Enhancements and updates

January 18, 2023

  • Launched updated email templates for backup reports, sync reports, and more.
  • Improvements to logging.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Security updates. 
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