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Starting Your CrashPlan For Home Free Trial

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home


The best way to decide whether or not you want to use CrashPlan is to give it a try! That's why we offer a free, full-featured, 30-day trial of CrashPlan for Home. This article includes everything you need to know to start your trial today.


  • The only thing you need to start your trial is a CrashPlan account – no need to provide credit card or payment information!
  • Your 30 days start the day you create an account.
  • You can include up to ten computers on your trial (just like a family plan subscription). However, please note that if you purchase an individual subscription, only one computer will be able to continue backing up to our cloud destination, CrashPlan Central. You can purchase multiple individual plan subscriptions or a family plan subscription from our store to continue backing up all of your computers.


  1. Download and install the CrashPlan app New Trial
  2. Open the CrashPlan app
  3. Enter your name, email, and choose a password
  4. Click Create Account to sign in
  5. Click Start Backup to begin backing up your user folder to CrashPlan Central
    Alternatively, click Change to adjust the default backup selection

Your 30-day trial begins automatically! Visit our Getting Started guide to learn how to get the most out of your trial.

What happens when my trial expires?

What happens after the trial period ends depends on whether or not you purchase a subscription. You can continue using CrashPlan either way!

With a subscription

If you purchase a subscription during or after your trial, you can continue to use the full-featured version of CrashPlan. However, the number of computers you can continue to back up to CrashPlan Central will depend on whether you purchased one or more individual plans (each individual plan covers one computer), or a family plan (covers 2-10 computers).

Additionally, to keep any files backed up to CrashPlan Central that you added during the trial, you must purchase during the trial or during the 5-7 day grace period immediately following your trial.

When transitioning from a trial to a subscription, there are several important considerations:
  • Saving your credit card in the Payment Profile of the My Account tab of the CrashPlan web app does not automatically convert your trial to a paid subscription. You must purchase a subscription so we know the type and length of the subscription you want when the trial ends. The payment profile information is used for auto-renewing existing subscriptions only.
  • Once your trial ends, you have a grace period of 5-7 days to purchase and apply subscriptions before we remove your existing backup archives from CrashPlan Central. Any computers that aren't covered by a subscription after the grace period ends will have their online backups removed. See our backup retention policy for complete details.
  • If you purchased a subscription, but the CrashPlan app reports your trial expired, please review our instructions on activating your license key.

Without a subscription

You can continue to use many of CrashPlan's features without a subscription, including the ability to back up to local folders and external hard drives, other computers you own, and friends. However, some subscription-only features will be disabled:

  • CrashPlan Central: You cannot continue to back up to CrashPlan Central, or restore any files already backed up to CrashPlan Central. Files you backed up to CrashPlan Central will be retained for 5–7 days per our Backup Retention Policy, then permanently deleted.
  • CrashPlan web app and CrashPlan mobile app: Since you can't back up or restore to CrashPlan Central, you can't restore files from the CrashPlan web app or CrashPlan mobile app.
  • Advanced features: Several advanced features become unavailable, such as multiple backup sets, continuous backup, and unlimited versions. See our full comparison chart for additional details on subscription-only features.
Backup Sets
If you created multiple backup sets during your trial, all sets except the default will expire when your trial expires. Use caution when removing an expired backup set – removing a set also removes those files from your backup archives. Before removing the set, update your backup file selection on the default set to include any files contained in the expired sets. Allow your backup to reach 100% complete. It is then safe to remove the expired sets.

What's next?

Now that you've installed the CrashPlan app, take a tour of everything CrashPlan has to offer with our Getting Started guide. If you are already familiar with CrashPlan's features, you may want to skip ahead to the chapters on Choosing What To Back Up and Adjusting Settings For Optimal Backup. Learn how subscriptions work if you are interested in purchasing a subscription.