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Choosing A CrashPlan For Home Subscription

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home


This article describes your options for choosing a CrashPlan for Home subscription and provides information on managing billing and automatic renewals.

If you decide to purchase, you may also want to review our article for purchasing a subscription.

We offer a free 30-day trial of CrashPlan for Home. If you want to try CrashPlan for longer, you can purchase a single monthly subscription and use auto renew. If you aren't satisfied, simply cancel your subscription.

Subscription benefits

You don't need a subscription to use the CrashPlan app. However, a number of features are exclusively available to subscribers, including:

  • Unlimited backup to CrashPlan Central
  • Ability to restore files from CrashPlan Central using the CrashPlan web app and CrashPlan mobile apps
  • Continuous backup
  • Unlimited file versions
  • Priority support from our award-winning Customer Champion team

For more information, see our full comparison of features available with and without a subscription.

Subscription options

CrashPlan for Home subscriptions are available as individual (one computer) or family plans (2-10 computers). You can purchase and renew subscriptions monthly or annually. Visit our store for current plans.

Subscriptions are active starting on the day they are purchased and each computer can be covered by a single subscription at any one time. That means, for example, you can't purchase three monthly subscriptions and apply them to a single computer.

Account access for family plans

Subscriptions are linked to your CrashPlan for Home account. If you use a family plan subscription, all of the computers you are backing up must use the same account information. That means:

  • All computers use the same email and password
  • All computers use the same archive key password (if enabled)
  • Any computer on the account can restore files from any other computer on the account
  • Any computer on the account can be deactivated from any other computer in the account

Different computers on a single account can have unique custom encryption keys, if this option is enabled. The custom key security option is intended for protecting files that it would be better to lose entirely rather than risk having someone gain unauthorized access. Because the key is required to restore files, in theory this setting could be used to restrict access to files between your computers. However, in practice we strongly discourage using custom keys to restrict access within an account because you will lose your backup archives if the key is lost.

If you would like access restricted between computers, we recommend creating separate accounts and purchasing individual subscription plans for each.

Billing and renewals

Your CrashPlan for Home subscription activates on the date of purchase and it is set to auto-renew by default, although you can change this setting at any time. To get the most out of your free trial, purchase your subscription near the end of the trial; unused time left on a free trial doesn't extend the time left on your subscription.

Your subscription renewal date is relative to the date of purchase for the type of license you purchased. For example, if you purchased a monthly subscription on January 14th, the subscription will be up for renewal on February 14th. However, it is possible to change your subscription renewal date.

Why does Code42 MINNEAPOLIS, MN appear on my credit card bill?

We are Code42, the creators of CrashPlan for Home, CrashPlan PRO, Code42 CrashPlan, and SharePlan software. We're headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, so the charge for your CrashPlan purchases (including renewals) will appear on your credit card statement as 'CODE42 MINNEAPOLIS MN'

Frequently asked questions

Where is CrashPlan for Home Available?

CrashPlan for Home with and without a subscription are available world-wide.

Can I mix computers with a CrashPlan for Home subscription with computers that don't have a subscription within the same account?

Yes. Keep in mind that only computers with a subscription can back up to CrashPlan Central.

Can a computer running CrashPlan for Home without a subscription back up to a computer with a subscription?

Absolutely. Computers using CrashPlan for Home with a subscription and those without a subscription are totally compatible.

Can I back up the CrashPlan backup archive on my computer to another destination, like CrashPlan Central?

No. CrashPlan uses a proprietary encrypted and compressed format to store backup archives. These archives are automatically excluded from your backup selection—you cannot use CrashPlan to back up a CrashPlan backup archive.

How do I get maintenance updates if I am using CrashPlan for Home without a subscription?

You automatically get maintenance updates.

How do I get feature upgrades if I am using CrashPlan for Home without a subscription?

If you would like feature upgrades, you must purchase a CrashPlan for Home subscription.

What's the difference between CrashPlan for Home with a subscription and CrashPlan PRO?

CrashPlan for Home is for backup of personal data. CrashPlan PRO is for online backup of business data.

View a comparison chart featuring all of our products

Can I use CrashPlan for Home with CrashPlan PRO or Code42 CrashPlan?

No. Our consumer products are totally separate from our business and enterprise products, CrashPlan PRO and Code42 CrashPlan. They cannot be used together or installed on the same computer.

Legacy CrashPlan perpetual license (2010 and earlier)

Is my old CrashPlan+ (perpetual) license still good?

Of course! If you like the features you already have, you don't have to do anything. You'll continue to enjoy the features you've been using.

Do I receive support with my CrashPlan+ perpetual license?

Support for CrashPlan+ perpetual licenses is available through our online documentation and in our user forums.

CrashPlan+ perpetual licenses included one year of support from our Customer Champion team. The sale of perpetual licenses was discontinued on November 26, 2010, so CrashPlan+ perpetual licenses are no longer within the one year of included support.

I still have a perpetual license from 2010 or earlier. How do I get the new CrashPlan?

If you would like to receive the new CrashPlan for Home features, including backup sets and online cloud backup, we encourage you to visit our store and check out our new plans.