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CrashPlan Support

Changing Your CrashPlan Subscription Renewal Date

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home


After purchasing a CrashPlan for Home subscription, your subscription will renew on the same day the original was purchased for the type of subscription you have. For example, if you purchased a monthly subscription on January 14th, the subscription will renew on February 14th. This article describes how to change the renewal date if you have already purchased.

(If you have not purchased a subscription yet, purchase your subscription on the day of the month that you want your subscription to renew.)


To change your renewal date, you must purchase a second subscription on your preferred renewal date and cancel the previous subscription.

  • Canceling a subscription means automatic renewals no longer occur.
  • You can continue to back up and restore your files for the length of the subscription, even if you decide to cancel it.
  • CrashPlan subscriptions are non-refundable. Therefore, consider waiting until closer to the time your subscription ends to make a change.


To change your renewal date:

  1. Purchase your new subscription from our store.
  2. Open the CrashPlan app and enter the new license key under Settings > Account > License.
  3. Sign in to the CrashPlan web app.
  4. Cancel the subscription you no longer want.