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Changing Your CrashPlan For Home Subscription Type

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home


This tutorial explains how to change your subscription type. Follow the steps below to change from an individual to a family subscription (or vice versa), or change from a yearly renewal schedule to a monthly renewal schedule.

For other changes to your subscription, such as adding time to your existing subscription, or changing your renewal date, see our overview article on changing your CrashPlan for Home subscription.


To modify your existing CrashPlan for Home subscription, you must purchase a new subscription and cancel your previous subscription (see steps below).

  • Canceling a subscription means automatic renewals no longer occur.
  • You can continue to back up and restore your files for the length of the subscription, even if you decide to cancel it.
  • CrashPlan subscriptions are non-refundable. Therefore, consider waiting until closer to the time your subscription ends to make a change.

Impact to backup

  • Within a single account, you can switch your subscription at any time without affecting your existing backups. You are not required to re-upload your data when switching subscriptions.
  • If you are combining two accounts (separate email addresses) into a single account, the computers from one of the accounts must re-start the backup process. Please follow our steps for combining two accounts instead.


Use the instructions below to modify your existing CrashPlan for Home subscription. For example, you could use these steps to change from an annual renewal schedule to a monthly renewal schedule, or change from an individual subscription to a family subscription.

  1. Purchase your new subscription from our store.
  2. Open the CrashPlan app and enter the new license key under Settings > Account > License.
  3. Sign in to the CrashPlan web app.
  4. Cancel the subscription you no longer want.

Upgrading to Family Subscription
Once the family license key is applied to one computer, it automatically pushes that license key to any other computers signed in under the same account. However, if there is already an individual license applied to a computer, the family license won’t displace it automatically. To start using the family subscription on that computer, replace the individual license key with the family license key in the Settings > Account tab in the CrashPlan app.

Turning on auto renew

If you automatic renewals fo your new subscription, you may also be notified about your canceled subscription.

Enabling automatic renewals does not reactivate a canceled subscription. However, there is a known issue with canceling a subscription, then enabling Automatically renew subscriptions in My Account.


If you enable Automatically renew subscriptions in My Account when you have a canceled subscription:

  • You will receive an email about changing your renewal setting, which includes a date for your canceled subscription.
  • You will see a date in My Account > Subscriptions for your canceled subscription.

In both cases, this date is the expiration date for the canceled subscription, not a renewal date.

You do not need to do anything. Your canceled subscription will not renew, and you will not be charged. Any other subscriptions that have not been canceled will continue to automatically renew.