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Backup Retention Policy For Inactive Cloud Destinations

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home


Computers that back up to CrashPlan for Home's secure online backup destination, CrashPlan Central, must connect to CrashPlan Central at least every 180 days (6 months). After 180 days of inactivity, backups stored on CrashPlan Central are deleted and cannot be restored. This article describes the backup retention policy for inactive backups stored on CrashPlan Central.

Affects backups to CrashPlan Central destination only
This policy applies only to backups that use CrashPlan Central as a destination. This policy does not apply to backups sent to other destinations, including your own external drives, friends' computers, or other computers you own.  

For our policy on expired subscriptions, see Backup Retention Policy For Expired Subscriptions And Trials.

CrashPlan Central retention policy

If a computer has not connected to CrashPlan Central for 180 days (6 months), we may remove the backups for that computer on CrashPlan Central. Backups sent to other destinations (including your own external drives, friends' computers, or other computers you own) are not affected. 

Before we remove any backups on CrashPlan Central, we send a notification to the email address associated with your CrashPlan for Home account. This notification shows which computers' backups are scheduled for removal from CrashPlan Central. You can identify your computers in the Account tab of the CrashPlan app or the computer details in the CrashPlan web app.

Keeping your old backups active

We recommend keeping your computer powered on, connected to the internet, and backing up to CrashPlan Central regularly in order to maintain a healthy backup.

To prevent the removal of your backup from CrashPlan Central, you can either:

Either of these options resets the 180-day counter for activity on your backup. If your computer is not regularly connected to CrashPlan Central, you may need to take action again after another 180 days has passed.

Verifying your computers have recently connected

You can verify that all your computers have recently connected using the CrashPlan web app. From the Computers tab, locate the Last Connected time.
Last connected

Frequently asked questions

Why does my computer need to connect to CrashPlan Central?

Connecting to CrashPlan Central ensures the safety and integrity of your backed-up data. We maintain and optimize your backup, including:

  • Checking backup archives for corrupted files and repairing any detected corruption
  • Pruning file versions and removing deleted files according to your frequency and version settings
  • Purging files that are no longer selected for backup

This archive maintenance only happens when your computer regularly connects to CrashPlan Central.

What if my computer has problems connecting to CrashPlan Central?

Our troubleshooting guide on connecting to CrashPlan Central provides the most common solutions for restoring connection to CrashPlan Central.

How can I view the destinations to which I'm backing up? 

Select the Backup tab in the CrashPlan app to view a list of your backup destinations. 

Other questions

Contact our Customer Champions if you have other questions.