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CrashPlan Support

Backup Retention Policy For Expired Subscriptions And Trials

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home


Files backed up to CrashPlan Central are covered by our backup retention policy based on the status of the subscription associated with your account. Files are retained for the length of your subscription plus a short grace period immediately following expiration. The grace period is intended as a way for you to renew your subscription or address any payment issues without impacting your backed up files. It is not a guarantee that your files will be retained.

For our policy on backup retention for disconnected computers with an active subscription, see Backup Retention Policy For Inactive Cloud Destinations.

What is covered by the retention policy?

  • The retention policy covers files backed up to CrashPlan for Home's secure online backup destination, CrashPlan Central. When a subscription expires, the CrashPlan Central destination becomes unavailable immediately. The files stored there will be retained for a short period of time.
  • The retention policy does not apply to files backed up to your own external drives, friends' computers, or other computers you own. Files backed up to those locations are still available to you even after your subscription to CrashPlan Central expires.

Retention policy schedule

The period of time that files are retained following expiration varies based on your subscription type and auto-renewal preferences.

  • CrashPlan for Home trial: 5-7 days
  • Expired subscription: 28-30 days
Please note that we can only provide an approximate retention period. To avoid losing your files, err on the side of caution and assume that files are deleted sooner rather than later within the time intervals listed above.

How will I know if my subscription expires?

We send an email to the address associated with your account one week prior to its expiration date. We send an additional email immediately following the expiration date to inform you that the subscription has expired.