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CrashPlan Support

Adding A Computer To Your Subscription

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home


You can add computers to your account at any time by simply installing the CrashPlan app and signing in to your account. However, your subscription coverage for new computers will depend on your existing plan. This article describes how to license new and replacement computers.

Setting up a new computer

Add computer to individual subscription

If you currently have an individual subscription to CrashPlan for Home, and you would like to add a second computer, you can:

Add computer to family subscription

Family plan subscriptions support up to ten computers. To add a new computer, simply install the CrashPlan app and sign in with your existing account. Your existing license key will be applied automatically.

Replacing an existing computer

If you need to replace a computer, you can transfer an existing subscription license to a new computer in one of two ways.

Adopt a computer to keep your existing backup archives

If you want the new computer to inherit, or take over, your original computer, you can adopt your previous computer. When you adopt, all of the following from your original computer become associated with your new computer:

  • Backup archives stored on all destination types, including CrashPlan Central, folders (e.g., external drives), and other computers
  • All existing settings (e.g., backup file selection, backup sets)
  • Subscription license key

If the original computer is still operational, you will be signed out of the CrashPlan app immediately upon adopting its computer's identity on your new computer. Your backup archives will no longer be associated with the original computer, and the computer will stop backing up. However, by signing back in, you can continue to use CrashPlan on the original computer. Your license coverage will depend on whether you have an individual or family subscription.

Replace your CrashPlan Central archive

If you have an individual subscription, and you wish to delete your existing CrashPlan Central backup archive for the original computer and start over on your new computer, you can simply apply your license to the new computer. When you transfer the license key to a new computer, the CrashPlan app on the original computer will revert to the free version of CrashPlan for Home; archives for folder and computer-to-computer destinations on the original computer remain intact.