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10: Accessing The CrashPlan Web App

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home
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CrashPlan is designed for convenience. That’s why you can access your CrashPlan account from any web browser – to check the status of your backups and even restore files!

Signing in

To access your CrashPlan account:

  1. Go to the CrashPlan website.
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. Enter your CrashPlan email and password to sign in.

My computers

The CrashPlan web app is a great way to check on the status of your backup and restore files on the go. Click Computers to view info about all of your computers, including:

  1. Total number and size of files selected for backup
  2. Percentage of your backup file selection that is currently backed up
  3. Last time that CrashPlan started a backup
  4. Files you can restore

Computer details

Web restore

Additionally, you can use the CrashPlan web app to restore any files backed up to CrashPlan Central. This option is designed as a way to quickly restore files when you're away from your computer. You can restore 500 MB at a time. If you need to restore a larger amount of files, use the CrashPlan app instead.

  1. Click Computers
  2. Click Restore for the computer containing the files you want to restore
  3. Browse for and select the files you want to restore
  4. Click Restore
  5. Click the link to download a zip file containing your restored files

Restore files from the web

What's next?

We're almost done here! CrashPlan should be operating quietly in the background to protect your digital life. But if something isn't quite working right, we've still got your back. Click Next below to learn basic troubleshooting tips for CrashPlan, and how to locate additional help resources.