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06: CrashPlan Central And Adding Destinations

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home
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CrashPlan is designed to give you flexibility when deciding where you back up your information. You can back up to any combination of the following destinations:

  • CrashPlan Central
  • Drive on or attached to your computer
  • Other computers you own
  • A friend's computer

Let's take a closer look at two popular destinations, and a brief tour of your other options.

CrashPlan Central

CrashPlan Central is CrashPlan for Home's secure, online backup destination. It's also the most popular destination among CrashPlan subscribers. It offers:

  • Security. With security measures for transmission, account access, password protection, and encryption, your files are protected. CrashPlan Central
  • Ease of access. Restore files from the CrashPlan app or a web browser wherever and whenever you need them.
  • Reliability. Our data centers are all equipped with physical access security, 24/7 monitoring, power redundancy, climate controls, and fire suppression systems that guarantee very high availability and resistance to failure.

As part of your 30-day trial, you can start backing up to CrashPlan Central right away. After 30 days, you do need a subscription in order to keep backing up to CrashPlan Central.

We'll cover how to back up to CrashPlan Central in the next chapter of this getting started guide.

External hard drive

Backing up to an external hard drive is another popular destination, particularly for people who already have one available. Destinations that are located physically near the computer you are backing up have a number of advantages, including:

  • Faster backups. Backing up to a local destination takes less time than sending your files over the Internet. Depending on the size of your backup, backing up locally can be done in a few hours rather than days or weeks.
  • Faster restores. Similarly, restoring files from an onsite backup destination is much faster than restoring from an offsite one.
  • Free. Backups to local drives are always completely free with the CrashPlan app, regardless of whether or not you ever buy a subscription.

How it works

Plug your external drive into the computer you want to back up. From the CrashPlan app, go to Destinations > Folders. Select your external drive and click Ok to add it to your list of available destinations.

External drive destination

Your new destination also displays on your list of destinations from the Backup tab.

Other destinations

Your options don't end there! You can also back up to:

  • Other computers you own: If you have another computer, either on or offsite, simply install the CrashPlan app, sign in with your existing account, and you can start backing up other computers to it.
  • A friend's computer: Know someone with storage space to spare? Friends can back up to each other by swapping backup codes. Like other destinations, your archive is encrypted and can only be accessed when you sign in with your account information. Similarly, you are not able to see your friend's files.

What's next?

Now that you have one or more destinations picked out, it's time to start your backup! Click Next below and let's get this show on the road.