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CrashPlan Support

Windows Notification Area Reference

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home
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The CrashPlan icon in the notification area gives Windows users quick access to CrashPlan features.


The CrashPlan app adjusts the percent of CPU it uses depending on if you are present and working on your computer versus if you are away from your computer. To determine if you are away or present, the CrashPlan app relies on the notification area menu. Consequently, if you do not launch the notification area menu, CrashPlan always uses the “away” setting.

CrashPlan menu options

To access the CrashPlan menu, right-click the CrashPlan icon in the Windows notification area.

CrashPlan Notification Area Menu

Item Description
a CrashPlan Icon Right-click to open the menu
b Show Application Opens the CrashPlan app
c Destinations Displays status of backups for each destination:
Green indicates you are connected to that destination
Gray indicates you are not connected to that destination
d Sleep Stops all inbound and outbound backup activity for the length of time you specify Set CrashPlan Sleep Time
e Exit Exit the CrashPlan notification menu (removes the CrashPlan icon from the notification area). To relaunch the CrashPlan menu, go to Start > Programs > CrashPlan > CrashPlan Tray.
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