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Friends Reference

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home


Use the Friends tab to manage your CrashPlan friends and enter backup codes from other CrashPlan users. The features you see on this screen depend on whether you've added any friends yet and if you're allowing them to back up to you. You can also remove a friend (and remove the files this friend has stored on your computer), or specify the amount of space you want to allow this friend to use.

Friends (without a friend selected)

If you haven't selected a friend, this view shows options for adding friends.

Friends tab - no friends selected

Item Description
a Select a friend Friends you have added as a backup destination, or who have added you as a backup destination, by exchanging backup codes.
b Backup Code Code you supply to friends so that they can back up to your computer. When friends enter this code from Destinations > Friends, they can start backing up to your computer right away. Click the link to access the Inbound Backup Settings page.
c Archive folder Displays list of shared drives or devices to which you can back up.
d Backup Code Enter the code provided to you by a friend to start backing up to that friend's computer.

Friends (with a friend selected)

After you select a friend, you can view details about that friend and the friend's backups.

Friend selected

Item Description
a Selected friend Displays details for the selected friend.
b Nickname Sets the name that appears in the list of friends' computers.
c Name Displays the first and last name of the selected friend.
d Email Displays the email address for the selected friend.
e Allow this friend to back up to this computer Controls whether or not this friend can back up to you.
Selected - Allows this friend to back up to you.
Deselected - Stops backup from this friend and removes the friend's existing backup archive from your computer.

To prevent this friend from enabling backup in the future, either remove the friend or change your backup code. To change your backup code, go to Settings > General. From Inbound backup from other computers, select Change.

f Remove Friend Removes the selected friend from your list of friends, and removes this friend's backup archives from your computer.
g Default Location Displays location where backup archive is stored. Click to open this location in your file browser.
h Folder Opens a file browser that lets you change the location where this friend's backup archives are stored.
i Allotted space Controls the total space that this friend's computers can back up to your computer. If this friend backs up multiple computers to this computer, then the allotted space is shared by those computers.
Automatic - Indicates that you have not restricted the amount of space that this friend’s computers can back up to this computer.

X GB - Indicates this friend is limited to the amount of space entered here.

  • You can allot up to 999 GB of space to the friend.
  • If this friend backs up multiple computers to this computer, then the allotted space is shared by those computers.
  • If you set a limit lower than the total space already used by this friend, your friend's backup will stop immediately, but no data will be removed from your computer.
j Space used Displays the amount of space this friend's backup archives are using on your computer.
k Undo Changes Resets changes to previous settings (same effect as cancel).
l Save Applies changes made to this friend's settings.