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Folder Destinations Reference

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home
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Review settings and information for folder backup destinations. CrashPlan refers to storage connected to your computer such as a folder on your file system or an external hard drive as a folder.

Folder destinations

Destinations Folders

Item Description
a Folders list List of available archive folders. Click a folder to view destination details.
b Name Name of the backup destination. You can change the name of the destination to something that is easier for you to recognize.
c Path Path to attached folder.
d Folder icon Displays file tree view in which you can change the files you want backed up.
e Delete Removes this folder as a backup destination. Permanently deletes all backup files in the folder.
f Progress bar Indicates status of backup in progress or time since last backup to this destination.
g Space quota Amount of space allocated for your backup archive in this folder. Automatic means that there are no space restrictions.
h Space used Amount of space your archive has used on this folder.
i Compact Reclaims space in the back up archive by immediately applying file selection or retention policy changes (such as how many versions to keep and how long to keep deleted files). Click Compact when you want to reclaim space sooner than specified with the “Maintain archives…” setting. Another name for the compact routine is “Archive Maintenance”.
j Remove Backup Destination Discontinue using this folder as a backup destination.
WARNING: After you click this button and click Save, the backup archives on this destination will be removed.
k Undo Changes Click to set the features back to previous settings (same effect as cancel).
l Save Click to apply changes.