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Destinations Reference

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home
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From Destinations, you can manage where your backups go. Add computer or folder destinations for fast backup and fast restore. Add friend or online destinations for offsite disaster protection.

Destination types

The Destinations Overview provides quick access to the different kinds of destinations available in CrashPlan, including friends, computers, folders and the cloud.


Click an icon or page tab to view and manage that type of destination.

Item Description
a Friends View friends to whose computers you can back up, add friends to start backing up to their computers, and start backups to specific friends.

b Computers

View computers to which you can back up, add new computers as backup destinations, and start backups to specific computers.

c Folders View folders to which you can backup, attach new folders as backup destinations, and start backups to specific folders (including external drives).
d Cloud View cloud destinations to which you can back up, including CrashPlan Central, CrashPlan Australia, or your enterprise's own online cloud destination. Backing up to an online cloud destination requires a subscription.