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Backup Set Destinations Reference

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home
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When you click the Change button for a Backup Set, you see the Destinations window where you can add, remove and assign destinations for a backup set.


Change Destinations

Item Description
a Name Name of the destination.
b Type The destination type.
Destination types include: Cloud, Friend, Computer and Folder.
c Space used Size of your backup archive on this destination.
d Indicates whether or not the backup set will use this destination.
Checked - use this destination
Unchecked - don't use this destination

Unchecking a destination displays a message indicating that the backup archive stored at this destination will be removed.

Deselect Destination

e Add Displays Destination tab where you can create a new destination.
f Cancel Ignore changes.
g Ok Save changes and return to Settings > Backup.
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