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Viewing Your Backed Up Files

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Home
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After you've started backing up your files with CrashPlan, you may want to see which files have been backed up. To view your backed up files, follow the steps below.


As soon as a file is backed up, it's ready to be restored. To view your backed up files:

  1. From the CrashPlan app, select Restore.
    A list of files appears, displaying the files backed up with CrashPlan.
  2. If you are backing up more than one computer, you can select another computer to view the files backed up for that computer.
  3. If you are backing up to multiple destinations, you can choose another destination to view the files backed up on that destination.
  4. Review the list to see what's backed up. Click the triangle next to a folder to expand or hide its contents.
    The Last Backed Up column displays the most recent date and time that a file or folder backed up. Since folders themselves don't typically change frequently, this date often doesn't change. To see when the contents of a folder last backed up, click the triangle to expand its contents.

Viewing Backed Up Files

What If Some Of My Files Don't Appear In The List Of Backed Up Files?

For more information about how CrashPlan calculates backup progress and the number of files to be backed up, please read Why does CrashPlan report backing up more files than my computer has?

Restoring files

Checking to make sure you've included all of your important files in your backup selection is a great idea. It's also the perfect time to test restoring a few files just to be sure you'll know how to retrieve your files when you really need them.

See Restoring Files From The CrashPlan App for step-by-step restore instructions.